Our mission is to be a voice for people living with chronic health conditions, and improve access to treatment and care.

We do this through advocacy, education and health care policy at the state and federal levels.

A voice for patients

About Us

One in Four Americans are living with at least one chronic health condition, that's more than 75 million people.  That's also how we choose our name.

A chronic condition is one lasting more than three months. Some  are genetic in origin, others are linked to behaviors and lifestyle. They include: arthritis, breathing disorders, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke, HIV, mental illness and viral hepatitis.

Some conditions are treatable, and many more are preventable though lifestyle changes. But for people living with chronic health conditions, they can be a challenge to manage.

Medications can be expensive, specialty providers are difficult to locate and may not be covered by your insurance. In some cases you have to battle with your insurer to prove that you are "sick enough" for treatment or field a maze of prior authorization paperwork only to be denied.

We're on your side.

We believe that treatment decisions should be decided by you and your health care provider, not someone in an insurance company call center with no medical training.

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